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EmployCare is passionate about helping people find their employability pathway through an ever-changing work environment.

Employment Pathways

EmployCare is a not-for-profit organisation organisation that provides career development and career counselling.

EmployCare assists clients from youth to retirement age with a disability, mental health condition, disadvantaged youth and adults who are being challenged to make a change in their career and employment pathway. EmployCare services are changing people’s career lives one at a time because we need to bring a different level of ourselves at every change in our career path. This is not easy and so our services assist people to do that.

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Let’s talk statistics!

Let’s talk statistics!

I know! Your eyes are starting to glaze over already but wait; this might be interesting. Did you know that in Australia (pre-Covid-19), the labour force participation for people...

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We’re a Charitable Organisation

EmployCare Inc. is a registered charity as per ATO guidelines and is endorsed by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

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