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Employcare Adelaide Tina Tesco-Vella

About us

EmployCare provides employment counselling and development for people with a disability, mental health condition, and disadvantaged youth and adults who feel challenged to change or embark on their career and employment pathway. This is not easy, so our services assist people in doing that.

EmployCare’s Founder, Tina Tedesco-Vella, has 30 years of experience working with people with disabilities, permanent and severely injured workers, mental health, and supporting people through their challenges in life. She is passionate about helping people find their career pathways through an ever-changing employment environment.

EmployCare is a social-profit organisation led by its Founder, Tina Tedesco-Vella. It has a five-member Board of Management who are very talented and experienced in their respective fields.

Employcare Adelaide Tina Tesco-Vella

So, why EmployCare?

Tina initiated and established EmployCare from her experience working in the disability sector.

EmployCare was established because of people struggling with questions like, is my present job tapping into my true potential? Do I have the right attitude and behaviour to advance in my career? How do I prepare for this next step? What are my transferable skills, strengths and limitations? How do I develop a career plan that will move me towards my goal? How do I move beyond people seeing my disability and see my ability, skills, and potential?

Tina felt, and conversations with clients confirmed a need to assist others in preparing for a change in their employment or prepare to enter the workforce, especially people challenged by their disabilities and mental health.

We invite you to look through our website and contact us for a chat.

Employcare Adelaide Tina Tesco-Vella
Employcare Adelaide Tina Tesco-Vella

Who we are

  • Tina Tedesco-Vella (Founder, CEO)
  • Coco Zhang (Treasurer)
  • Nicole Turner (Chairperson)
  • Michael Bruys (Board Member)
  • Lena Jankovski (Secretary)
Employcare Adelaide Tina Tesco-Vella

Charitable Organisation

EmployCare Inc. is a registered charity as per ATO guidelines and is endorsed by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

Employcare Adelaide Tina Tesco-Vella